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A Firm That Is Part of the Fabric of the Lebanese Legal System

ElKhoury Law Firm has distinguished itself as a highly reliable and effective law firm in Lebanon, very well known in the legal and business communities. This reputation has been hard earned through decades of competent and loyal service to its clients and through a devotion to excellence and integrity in every case. The firm founded by the late Mitri Assha since the year 1956, persevered and cemented solid relationships in the legal and business communities not only in Lebanon but in countries all over the Middle East.

ElKhoury Law Firm offers extensive local experience to help its clients react quickly, decisively and with confidence to problems as they arise. Since its foundation, with its first founder in the 1956, the firm has remained at the side of its clients despite and throughout Lebanonís civil unrest and political turmoil and helped clients survive and navigate through difficult times that brought the ruin of many, and then helped its clients take advantage of new opportunities in Lebanon and the Middle East in times of economic recovery.

ElKhoury Law Firm is highly integrated into the legal system in Lebanon in which it has developed deep and extensive roots over the years and, at the same time, developed a familiarity with the workings of the legal systems in the Middle East (including the Gulf countries). Some of its attorneys hold distinguished positions outside of the firm- including professorship at the University Saint Joseph Law School in Beirut and membership in professional committees at the Beirut Bar Association and at the Banking Association and many other ad hoc committees.

As a result, ElKhoury Law Firm has acquired a comprehensive understanding an excellent sense of the political and business currents underlying a legal case, and the expertise and knowledge to safely and properly steer its Middle East clients. It is intimately aware of the directions the legal system has evolved into the uniquely complex political and cultural mosaic environment that is the Middle East. Such understanding of this constantly shifting social and political evolution is critical for a proper assessment of the prevailing laws, their implementation and enforcement, and to enable the provision of safe and relevant legal advice and assistance. Our firm is permanently seeking to offer real practical solutions to problems and not just technical legal references.


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