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Lebanon has a strong tradition as the banking center of the Middle East. We have experience with all aspects of the financial system, with the financial structuring of corporations and with the public and private funding of development projects and business ventures. We assist and advise banks, financial institutions, funds, firms, and borrowers, both domestically and internationally, and coordinate the most sophisticated transactions. Some partners at ElKhoury Law Firm are members of the Legal Committee at the Lebanese Association of Banks or provide counsel to the Beirut Stock Exchange.

Having been involved in several large joint ventures, corporate structuring and mergers and acquisitions, we have an intimate understanding of how to structure project financing, legally assess assets backed securities and draft loan agreements and guarantees.

We also have a solid understanding of the financial system, and help our clients understand and take advantage of various financial services and products such as swaps, futures, investment funds and collective investment schemes.

With our training in different legal cultures and our ability to practice law in several languages, we are comfortable coordinating financial transactions across borders. We can help set up offshore investment funds and communicate with foreign banks and investors to help our clients obtain the financing they need.

Banking laws and international regulations are under constant mutation particularly due to the successive crises the world has faced since the beginning of the 21st century. Basle rules are continuously updated. We are really concerned with keeping our clients informed of any changes in regulations and legal implications so they may remain one step ahead of any exposures and financial risks.

We help our clients deal with financial difficulties and debt crises. We can facilitate the restructuring of debts and mortgages, and can assist in any declarations of bankruptcy or default. We provide these services to all, including individuals in difficulty who need help protecting the assets they have worked so hard for.

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