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Alexander Sakr

Alexander is a Senior Partner of ElKhoury Law Firm, and he has been involved in the legal field since 1986. He has been a member of the Beirut Bar Association since 1990.

Graduated with distinction from Saint Joseph University Law School, he received his DES in Private Law with Distinction, and is preparing his Doctorate.

Being specialized in Civil, Banking, Commercial Law, as well as Construction, Urbanism Real Estate Law and Legal terminology he is a teacher and a Lecturer in these subjects at Saint Joseph University in Beirut and the Lebanese University since 1988.

Me. Sakr has published numerous academic and professional publications.

Relevant Experience:
1- Acting as general legal counsel for a large Kuwaiti bank and its affiliates operating in Lebanon and advising on all related legal matters. His main responsibilities are as follows:

- Secretary of the board of director and the shareholders general assembly.
- Supervises all legal relationships with the banks regulatory authorities (Central Bank, Banks Control committee).
- Advises on all matters regarding the employees and the internal procedure within the Bank.
- Prepares the standard forms of agreements to be adopted (general terms and conditions loan agreements, deposits agreement).
- Negotiates loan agreements syndicated loans, financing projects with clients.
- Conducts due diligence and approves on the legal documentations for loans and securities.
- Negotiates the Settlement conditions and rescheduling of loans.

2- Acting as a legal counsel for a Jordanian bank operating in Lebanon.

3- Advised on the merger of two Arab banks operating in Lebanon.

4- Acted on behalf of a Kuwaity Bank for the financing of a Hotel Construction Project in Beirut; Negotiating and drafting the loan and mortgage agreement.

5- Acted on behalf of a large Kuwaiti company for the acquisition of two Lebanese Real Estate companies (ownership in Beirut-Central District) including due diligence, drafting the Sale and Purchase Agreement, advised on the loan agreement with banks to finance the deal, including negotiating the loan and securities terms and conditions. Acting as a general legal counsel for these two companies.

6- Advising on property development in Lebanon including negotiating and drafting of purchase agreements, obtaining government authorizations and decrees to foreign investors to acquire Real Estate properties in Lebanon, negotiating with Architects and Contractors and drafting contracts according to FIDIC terms and conditions drafting the agreement with the project developers, drafting agreements with buyers. Acting as a general legal counsel for the Kuwaiti company developer of a big Real Estate Project in Lebanon.

7- Acted on behalf of a large Kuwaiti Company for the acquisition of a company owner of a Hotel in Lebanon, legal due diligence, and drafted the Sale and Purchase Agreement and the management agreement. Acting as a general legal counsel for this company.

8- Advised on the acquisition and sale of commercial companies, due diligence, sales and Purchase Agreement transfer of assets including Agencies Agreement.

9- Advised on the split of a group of companies among shareholders: negotiating, drafting, and implementing the shareholder’s agreement.

10- Acting as a general legal counsel and advising the largest pharmaceutical company in Lebanon: drafting contracts with suppliers, acquiring new distributorship rights.

11- Acting as a general legal counsel for many trade companies operating in Lebanon as retailers and wholesalers.

12- Acting as legal counsel for one of the largest car dealers in Lebanon.

13- Acting as legal counsel for many publishing companies in Lebanon.

14- Incorporating branches for foreign companies in Lebanon.

15- Acted as a legal counsel for a shipping agency company operating in Lebanon.

16- Representing companies and banks before courts: handling and attending hearings in many court cases before Lebanese Courts: termination of distributorship agreements, disputes among shareholders, disputes relating to letter of credits, bankruptcy, shipping law, real estate.

17- Handled arbitration disputes according to the ICDR (AAA) rules in the U.S. Appointed as an arbitrator in Lebanon.

Other Qualifications:

1988 until today: Lecturer at Saint Joseph University Law School-Beirut.
  Lecturer at Saint Joseph University Translation School-Beirut.
  Lecturer at the Lebanese University: (Institut des Sciences Appliquées / CNAM Paris).
2005: Member of the Committee of the External Affairs in the Beirut Bar Association.
2006: Member of the Committee of the Professional Ethics in the Beirut Bar Association.
2008 - 2009: Member of the Committee of admitting the trainees to the Beirut Bar Association.
2008 -2009: Member of the Committee of the Beirut Bar Association Law Journal Al Adl.
2009: Lecturer at Saint Joseph University Law School-Dubai.

- Participated to many conferences.
- Handled academic legal translation projects.

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