About Us

A Firm That Is Part of the Fabric of the Lebanese Legal System

ElKhoury Law Firm has distinguished itself as one of the most reliable and effective law firms in Lebanon, renowned among the legal and business communities. This reputation has been justifiably earned through decades of expert and loyal service to its clients based on the Firm’s devotion to excellence and integrity in every case. The firm has created and cemented solid relationships in the legal and business communities not only in Lebanon but in countries throughout the Middle East.

ElKhoury Law Firm offers extensive local experience in order to help its clients react quickly, decisively and confidently to all problems as they arise. Since its foundation, ever since the years of the time of its original founder in the 1950s, the Firm has stood alongside its clients throughout the years of Lebanon’s civil unrest and political turmoil in order to help its clients survive and navigate through difficult periods that may have brought about the ruin of many others, and in order to assist its clients to take advantage of every new opportunity whenever economic recovery was present.

ElKhoury Law Firm is a highly integrated operation within the legal system in which it has put down deep and extensive roots over the years and, at the same time, developed a familiarity with the workings of the legal systems throughout the Middle East, including the Gulf countries. Some of its attorneys hold distinguished positions outside the firm- including a professorship at the University of Saint Joseph Law School and membership on many professional committees within the Beirut Bar Association and at the Association of Banks in Lebanon as well as other ad hoc committees.

As a result, ElKhoury Law Firm has acquired a comprehensive understanding and a refined sense of the political and business currents which may underlie a legal issue, and the expertise and knowledge safely and accurately to steer its Middle East clients to the best possible solution. It is intimately acquainted with the directions in which the legal system has evolved in the context of the unique and complex political and cultural mosaic environment that is the Middle East. This understanding of these constantly shifting social and political factors are critical for a proper assessment of the prevailing laws, their implementation and enforcement in order to enable the provision of safe and relevant legal advice and assistance. Our firm is permanently seeking to offer real and practical solutions to problems and not just merely technical legal pointers.

A Firm Providing Representation in an International Context

We are one of the premier transactional firms in Lebanon. We represent the interests of large foreign multinationals, including Fortune 500 companies, providing services such as corporate legal assistance, protecting trademark names, establishing franchises, enforcing trusts, drafting shareholder and joint venture agreements and coordinating investments and financing with banks and investment entities. We are heavily involved in construction and real estate deals and have been extensively associated with the development of some of the largest joint ventures in the country involving both national and international firms.

A Wealth of Legal Skills to Tackle any Legal Problem

ElKhoury Law Firm is able to combine its local strength and international connections in order to provide the best possible representation due to the extensive and diverse skills of its attorneys, honed over decades of experience. Our attorneys are multilingual, and can carry out and conduct legal work and proceedings in more than one language. Our firm combines the talents of attorneys who have graduated from the best law schools in Lebanon, who have obtained higher degrees in France, and who have graduated with a JD and are members of the Bar Associations of the United States and France. The Firm is entirely at home handling transactions and litigation rooted in both civil law and common law systems.

Our attorneys are also trained to work together on cases in order to tackle problems from a wide variety of angles. Each attorney contributes his or her specialized experience to a specific case. Senior attorneys supervise the work of junior attorneys on every case. As a combined result, every case will benefit from a wealth of quality experience. Every case is important to us, and the effort and quality of work we put into each case reflect our professional pride and reputation. It also means that the practice development of our attorneys is paramount, so that we may continue to provide the best representation from one generation to another. This investment in our clients and in our attorneys is a sign of the care we take in fostering our firm and the loyalty upon which it is built.

A Quality Service

The quality of the service we provide stems from the attention we bring to each of our clients. We value them, and in turn, they value us. Whether we are pursuing an individual’s rights or bringing added value to a corporate client, the dedication to our clients is total. The quality of our representation is rooted in our ability to listen closely to our clients to ascertain both the broader context of the problem as well as the details that will give us the necessary edge to protect and advance our client’s interests. Our success depends not simply on our knowledge of the law, but also on our judgement, creativity, professional wisdom, and experience in offering advice that is pragmatic and solution-oriented.

Our constant availability and attention afforded to our clients are what earns us their loyalty and their faith in our judgement. Loyalty is the vital ingredient that binds the members of our firm together. This atmosphere of cooperation within the Firm has been enhanced by years of working together. Most of our senior attorneys have been in the firm for over twenty years.

Our clients' legal interests constitute our overriding concern. Clients who have previously sought our advice come back bringing their business partners or family members with them. Our clients look to us for guidance in complex legal transactions which may last several years, and which take into account ongoing business relationships. Our doors are always open, whether the task is to look over a given contract, go over the results of a meeting, exchange views over a new development in an ongoing case, or simply seek strategic advice.

We are delighted to have been given the opportunity to present our firm’s profile and looking forward to be of assistance to you and your Company whenever needed.