Jinane Boustany


Me. Boustany graduated from Saint Joseph University Law School in June of 1983, and has been a member of the Bar Association of Beirut since 1984. She joined ElKhoury Law Firm in 2009.

Me. Boustany has engaged extensively in administrative law. She has led several cases in upholding the rights of civilians, such as obtaining just compensation for property lost due to expropriation. She also has a broad experience in insurance laws and policies, consulting and litigation in such fields.

Me. Boustany has spent a career handling litigation and transactional work in the commercial and civil domains. She has extensive experience in court procedures which include bankruptcy proceedings, seizure of assets and properties, recoveries and all kinds of procedures before the Enforcement/Executive Bureau.

She has particular expertise in the leasing of property, including both the drafting of leasing agreements as well as litigating disputes between landlords and tenants.